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We are a collective group of writers dedicated to solving your content riddles. We aim to provide authentic, relatable and memorable content that will keep your readers coming back for more!

All our writers are native English speakers with qualifications varying from Diplomas to Degrees. Should you need a light-hearted article or an informative piece that gets the point across, our writers are up to the task. All our assignments are proofread and edited twice using the best skills and tools that English has to offer us. We will deliver content that is fast, agreeableand is tailor-made for your websites needs!

Beckii Leiigh

Riddle Me Writes Co-founder and our Operations Manager

Stories connect people, and they’ve done so since the dawn of time. Without these stories, we wouldn’t have the cultures, the music, the myths and the literature that we engage with every day. Beckii is a wordsmith at heart and loves any and all tales. Her imagination is ALWAYS on the run, and she is always running to the nearest bookshop!

She went on a search to find like-minded people who wanted to share stories. Beckii believes in the power of narrative, and she wants to share that power with companies seeking to grab and hold the public’s attention. 

And thus, Riddle Me Write was born! She now spends her days managing the best native English speaking writers to ensure that businesses get the content they deserve.


Ben Starr
"High end content without the high price. Great service and fast turnaround"
ben starr
Dave Huss
“Such a joy getting natively written content, literally no editing required except for my team to add internal links”
Dave Huss
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