Are AI content generators worth it?

Free Person Reaching Out to a Robot Stock PhotoAI content generators have recently become increasingly popular and might continue. And why not? These tools can quickly produce high-quality, relevant content and aid in overcoming writer’s block. 


But the real question is, are AI content generators worth it? Will AI-generated content be useful in content creation? Below, we will explain more about artificial intelligence (AI) and its role in content creation. 

What is AI

According to Techopedia, artificial intelligence is a part of computer science that concentrates on managing and building technology that learns to make decisions independently and complete actions on behalf of a human being.

AI is a catch-all for different types of software or hardware part that aids in natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding (NLU), machine learning and computer vision. 

Without even being aware, we use artificial intelligence daily to make our lives easier. For example, we use speech recognition on our phones or send questions to a customer service chat box. 

Even during the last few years, there have been many advances in artificial intelligence, especially for the PR industry. For example, AI takes care of all the menial tasks in PR, such as simple office tasks and scheduling social media posts. 

AI is also handy for sifting through enormous amounts of data to figure out the best marketing strategies for social media marketing, media outreach, and social media marketing. 


What is an AI content generator/writer?

An AI content generator or content writer is a tool that automatically creates content powered by artificial intelligence. Some tools will allow you to get texts and ideas based on what you’re looking for. This can come from headlines from Google Ads, Instagram posts, blogs, and other long-form content. 

What is AI-generated content?

This content is created by AI technology. When content creators decide to use an AI content generator, they decide to use artificial intelligence to create several pieces of content very quickly. Because of this, marketers can use an AI content writer or generator for different types of content. 


Blogs – This is one of the most common types of articles or content found on websites. This long-form content can include product reviews, how-to guides, news, updates, etc. 


Email Marketing – There are a few benefits to email marketing where AI content generation is concerned. These benefits can include analysing data, automation, a boost in conversion rates, and personalisation. 


Meta descriptions – These short content descriptions of 150 characters can easily be generated by AI content generators for your articles or blog posts. 


Pillar Pages – These pages are an excellent way for your user’s to engage with your content. AI content generators can be used to generate pillar pages as standalone content or that’s integrated into other posts.  


Product Reviews – This type of content provides information about a particular product and why a customer should or shouldn’t purchase it. This content boosts sales and encourages users to purchase this product. 


Social Media Marketing – Using an AI content generator in social media posts and in other aspects of social media marketing. Artificial intelligence can generate social media posts and ads and automatically monitor them. 


YouTube Video descriptions – YouTube is the second largest search engine out there. You can use AI to create content ideas for headlines for your YouTube videos. 

How does AI content generation work 

AI with content generation involves using a tool powered by artificial intelligence to create content based on the information found online. These tools will use NLG and NLP to learn everything they can about different topics and create sentences they’re meant to learn. 


Typically, when content creators use these tools, they will choose the topic and the type of content they want to create. After typing in the topic, and the type of content they want, they will need to import keywords and choose an emotion. The AI content generator will then generate content based on the information provided by the person and found online. 


In most cases, when the generator has finished generating the content, users will have the option to provide feedback on the content and choose the style they want. Over time, the AI generator will learn to create better content. 

Pros and cons of AI content writing 

Pros of AI content writing 

More content – With AI content generators being able to generate content within minutes, bloggers and content creators can post more content than ever before. More content will allow more opportunities to connect with a wider audience and generate more business. 


Faster, more efficient content generation – Typically, AI-generated content takes much less time to create and post content. There are times when artificial intelligence can assist with writer’s block to make the writing process move faster. 


Produce better content – Artificial intelligence will be able to check and correct mistakes. This means that there won’t be a lot of typos and grammatical errors to fix before the content is published online. Artificial intelligence can also predict what you want to write and suggest better phrasing. 

Cons of AI content writing

Writers lose jobs – At the moment, AI content generation hasn’t caused many writers to lose their jobs, but if more and more marketers decide to use AI content generators, plenty of writers could lose their jobs. 


No human element – While AI generators can learn about a topic and which phrases to use, they still won’t be able to add the human element to the content, such as the language nuances that will make the text interesting to read and make it relevant. 


It relies too much on algorithms – AI content generators rely greatly on algorithms to generate high-quality, SEO-friendly content. However, you need more than that to write great content. 


Lack of creativity – There’s no way that AI content generators will have the same level of creativity that a writer will have when creating content. Human writers will be able to add their own voices to the content, which will make it more engaging. 

So is using AI content generation worth it?

The fact is AI content generators won’t be able to replace human content writers, and they’re not supposed to. These tools are meant to assist human writers in making the content creation process move faster and give content creators a place to start. Even the most advanced content generators will need a human touch to ensure that high-quality content is produced. 

In some cases, using an AI content generator can be handy. For example, it can be worth using this tool if you have very few resources and a small content team. 

Because it can produce content quickly, it can take some pressure off the team, resulting in more time to create more content. However, if you have a larger content team, it might not be worth it to invest in an AI content generator. 

Using artificial intelligence has made our everyday lives easier. However, it still can’t generate the quality content needed to engage readers to stay on your website and take the desired action. So it seems that AI content generators and human writers will still have to work together in the world of marketing and content creation. 

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